Spin for Prosperity with Yeo's
09 Feb 20 - 10 Feb 20

Spin for Prosperity with Yeo's

Prizes to Win

$888 Cash (7 Winners)

$88 Cash (20 Winners)

$38 Cash (120 Winners)

$8 Cash (2,044 Winners)

How to Win

For every S$8 spent on participating Yeo’s drinks, you get one (1) chance to Spin for Prosperity!

Upload photos of your receipts at www.yeosome.sg to spin. Tokens to spin will be added to your account once the receipts have been approved and verified.

More purchases get you more spins and stand to win cash prizes worth $28,888.

09 Feb 20 - 10 Feb 20
Spin for Prosperity with Yeo's
  1. This Contest is open to all Singapore citizens, permanent residents, work permit holders and is valid in Singapore only (“Participant”).
  2. If a Participant is below 18 years of age, the Participant may participate in this Contest only if the written consent of the Participant’s parent or legal guardian is obtained and by participating in this Contest such consent shall deemed to have been obtained. The award of any prizes to a Participant in this Contest shall be subject to the production of the written consent to the Organizer who reserves the right not to award any prizes featured in this Contest to the Participant in the event such written consent is not produced.
  3. Employees of the Organizer, its advertising and contest agencies, affiliates and subsidiaries and their immediate families (spouses, and parents, siblings, children and each of their spouses and household members) are not eligible to participate in this Contest.
  1. The Contest commences on 3rd January 2020 and ends on 9th February 2020. ("Contest Period").
  2. All entries received from 3rd January 2020 to 9th February 2020 (‘Contest Period’) will be reviewed and if the entries qualify, the relevant Participant will be contacted by the Organizer or its appointed vendors within THREE (3) to FIVE (5) working days from when the entries are received.
  1. Yeo’s Spin for prosperity, CNY Spin to win contest is a contest where qualified Participants are able to spin the digital wheel on www.yeosome.sg to stand a chance to win cash prizes in the following cash denominations in (SGD): $8, $38, $88, $888.
  2. The total cash prizes to be won is SGD28,888.
  3. There will be a total of up to 2,191 winners.
  4. Winner selection will be randomly determined by a computerised system.
  5. There will be at least ONE (1) $888 winner selection weekly, unless all $888 cash prizes have been fully redeemed.
  6. Once every cash prize is fully redeemed / won by winners for a particular cash denomination no further prizes will be awarded for the said cash denomination.
  7. Should a Participant land on the space on the digital wheel without any cash prize, no cash prize will be awarded.
  8. Should a Participant land on the space on the digital wheel where the cash denomination has been fully redeemed, the Participant will have another opportunity to spin the wheel again.
  9. All prizes must be collected or redeemed by 13th April 2020
  10. All prizes not collected or redeemed by the winners after 13th April 2020 will be forfeited and donated to charity.
  1. Participants who would like to participate in this contest are required to purchase a minimum of SGD8 worth of participating Yeo’s brands of drinks in a single or accumulative original receipts ("Proof of Purchase") in Singapore during the stated contest period.
  2. Participants need to take a clear & legible photo of Yeo’s original receipts showing the purchase items, value of purchases, date, time, location of purchase, receipt number and submit the receipt on www. yeosome.sg within FOURTY EIGHT (48) hours from receipt date and time. Late submission of receipts will not be accepted and will not be reviewed.
  3. Submitted receipts will be verified and tokens will be credited to the Participant’s account.
  4. Participant will earn ONE (1) token for every SGD8 purchase worth of participating Yeo’s brands drinks.
  5. These tokens can be used to spin the digital wheel to win the available cash prizes.
  6. ONE (1) token entitles a Participant to ONE (1) chance to spin the digital wheel.
  7. The participating Yeo’s brands of drinks are as follows:
    All Yeo’s Asian Specialty Drinks
    • Chrysanthemum Tea
    • Chrysanthemum Tea Light
    • Chrysanthemum Tea Luo Han Guo
    • Soya Bean Milk
    • Black Soy Milk
    • Soy Bean With Calcium
    • Grass Jelly Drink
    • Lemon Barley Drink
    • Wintermelon Tea
    • Lychee Drink
    • Longan Red Date
    • Sugar Cane Drink
    • Bird's Nest Flavoured Drink
    • Cheng Bou Leong
    • Hawthorn Juice Drink
    • Snow Pear Tea
    • Bandung Rose Milk Drink
    • Bandung Soy Drink Plus Calcium
    • Date Flavoured Milk Drink
    • Matcha Soy Bean Milk
    • Coconut Juice Drink
    • Iced Tea Pomegranate
    • Iced Tea Lemon
    • Iced Tea Peach
    • Jasmine Green Tea
    • Iced Teh O
    • 100% Coconut water
    • Chrysanthemum Pu Er Tea
    • Osmanthus Green Tea
    • Red Date Black Tea
    • Elderberry Black Tea
    • Lychee Pu Er Tea
    • Rose Black Tea
  8. All H-TWO-O drinks:
    • H-TWO-O Isotonic Drink Original
    • Sparkling H-TWO-O Original Isotonic Drink
    • Sparkling H-TWO-O Pomegranate flavour Isotonic drink
  9. All Juscool drinks:
    • Juscool Sparkling Apple
    • Juscool Sparkling Grape
    • Juscool Sparkling Peach
    • Juscool Sparkling Citrus Blue
    • Juscool Sparkling Red Orange
  10. All Pink Dolphin drinks:
    • Pink Dolphin Amino Acid Drink with White Grape Flavour
    • Pink Dolphin Vitaminised Water
  11. All Justea drinks:
    • White grape Green Tea
    • Lemon Green Tea
    • Peach Green Tea
    • All PH Infinity drink:
    • PH Infinity water
  12. A Participant may submit as many receipt entries as he or she wishes, but each receipt entry must be submitted with a valid receipt from a retailer.
  13. Each receipt entry shall be subjected to verification by us and/or our representatives.
  14. In the event that details are invalid as determined by us at our sole discretion, the entry will be disqualified.
  15. Personal information (including images) collected or received from the Participants may be used by the Organizer, and/or its respective agents and agencies for the purposes of administering the Contest, including conducting background checks on participant’s identity and for verifying Participant’s eligibility to participate and receive a prize.
  16. By participating in the contest, Participants allow us, and/or our respective agents and agencies to contact them via the particulars provided for such purpose. We value all personal information received from Participants and shall not disclose or furnish their personal information to any unrelated third parties (save for our respective agents and agencies for the purposes of this contest or where required by law).
  17. All entries submitted will be our property and will not be returned.
  1. Winners who have won cash prizes are able to select and choose how they would like to collect their cash prizes.
  2. There are TWO (2) collection modes, ONE (1) mode is via “PayNow”. To learn more about “PayNow”, please refer to the website: https://www.abs.org.sg/consumer-banking/pay-now
  3. Winners will need to provide their full name and mobile number that is linked and registered under their PayNow account when prompted to do so when they participate in the Yeo’s Spin for Prosperity, CNY Spin to Win Contest on www.yeosome.sg
  4. All cash prizes transacted via PayNow will be transacted to the PayNow account registered and linked to the given mobile number by the Winner.
  5. Cash prizes will be transacted to winners who have selected payment mode “Paynow” within SEVEN (7)-TEN (10) working days.
  6. The other collection mode is by Self-collection at Oro Redemption Centre whereby winners can collect their cash prize after TWO (2) working days from the time they have selected the payment mode “Self-collection” at ORO Redemption Centre. E.g. If you have selected your payment mode on MONDAY, you are able to collect your prize on THURSDAY.
  7. Winners will need to provide their full name and last THREE (3) digits and alphabet on their NRIC when prompted to do so when they participate in the Yeo’s Spin for Prosperity, CNY Spin to Win Contest on www.yeosome.sg. All winners will need to show the physical copy of their NRIC, disclose their full name and registered email address with www.yeosome.sg account for identification when collecting their prizes at ORO Redemption Centre.
  8. ORO Redemption Centre address: 2 Leng Kee Road, #05-11, Thye Hong Centre S(159086) ORO Redemption Centre Operating Hours: The redemption centre is open 6 days a week Mon - Fri 10 am – 6pm, Sat 10am to 3pm, Sun / PH Closed Centre will be closed on 24th to 28th Jan 2020 during CNY period. Centre will re- open on 29th Jan 2020. Please refer to ORO website for updated operating hours during CNY: https://ororedemption.com/ All winners are recommended to make a self-collection appointment booking on ORO’s website or contact the centre at “8782 9380” if you are unable to fix booking online.
  9. Winners of $888 cash prize will be required to collect their $888 cash prize at YHS (Singapore) Pte Ltd Office, 3 Senoko Way, S (758057). Winners of this $888 cash prize will be contacted by a Yeo’s representative to be notified on the date and time of the prize collection. The winner will need to provide their full name, last THREE (3) digits and alphabet on their NRIC and their mobile number when prompted to do so when they participate in the Yeo’s Spin for Prosperity, CNY Spin to Win Contest on www.yeosome.sg. The winner or his/her representative will need to disclose their full name, their mobile number, email address registered with the www.yeosome.sg account as well as show a physical copy of their NRIC for identification purposes upon cash prize collection. If a proxy is sent to collect the cash prize on behalf of the winner, a signed letter of authorisation from the winner is required in addition to the above documents.
  10. All winners will be contacted by phone or email whereupon details on cash prizes won by participants will be shared.
  11. Acceptance of this cash prize constitutes permission for us to use the winner’s name, personal particulars, image or voice, and/or likeness in the event that he/she wins a prize (including photographs, film and/or recording) for the purposes of marketing, advertising and trade without compensation to the winners, whether the usage is limited to this contest or otherwise and whether by way of direct marketing to the winners or otherwise.
  1. All contest materials, including details on “How to participate” form part of these Conditions of Entry.
  2. Entry into this contest confirms acceptance of these Conditions of Entry and Organizer’s decision.
  3. By participating in this contest, participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Contest and the decisions of YHS (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will result in disqualification from this Contest.
  4. Participant assumes liability for any injury or damage sustained, or claimed to be caused by participating in this Contest. Organizer, its affiliates, subsidiaries, related companies, officers, employees and agents are not liable for any loss, damage, injury or claim by or to any person in connection with this contest, howsoever arising, including, without limitation, any error in any computer system or equipment or any lost or delayed entries.
  5. Organizer reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without giving prior notice.
  6. All local laws and regulations apply to this Contest.
  7. Organizer’s decision on all matters relating to the contest is final and binding.
  8. For details, log on to www.yeos.com.sg and www.yeosome.sg


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